WTF AT&T??? – Fm October 19th, 2015

Geez, AT&T. Your door to door people are a pain in the ass. Guy came up, started his spiel and I said I wasn’t interested. He says ‘Then I’ll be real quick’. Still not interested. Of course Maggie and Scout were behind me barking big barks while were conversing. He said ‘Is that a chihuahua you got in there?’ Dude, you ain’t doin’ yourself any favors here. And then he repeated his ‘real quick’ comment. Still not interested. And he repeats it again. Okay, different tack. I say ‘I work for Cox’ figuring that should do it. And again ‘Then I’ll be real quick’. I actually chuckled a bit and said ‘Now you’re just pissing me off’. And so he says, you guessed it, ‘Then I’ll be real quick’. Yup he went there. I don’t have to tell y’all what I said next. And it was pretty loud. I even stepped outside and pointed which direction he should go next. He gave me his best ‘Have a nice day’ and headed down the driveway. Real quick. Thankfully I had my canine backup and when I got loud so did they. I could feel them crowding my butt when I went through the door. Very comforting. And Scout obviously took offense at the damned chihuaha thing. I get that you gotta try to get the sale but for God’s sake know your limits and recognize the imminent danger of bodily harm when it presents itself. And so I cashed out my karma bank for the day and probably went in the red but I don’t really feel too bad about it.


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