Windows 10 Saga – Fm August 14th, 2015

If you’re looking for a seamless, trouble-free upgrade to Windows 10 there’s a better than even chance you’re going to be disappointed. I started with my Windows 7 Home install, updated every conceivable driver over a 3 day period, bought a new hard drive and cloned my old primary to it just to have a clean fallback. From that point I waited over a week for Windows 10 to DL and notify me it was ready. I’ve spent the entire day sorting through the install log and dealing with driver conflicts and hangups that seem to happen for no reason. It finally finished its prep and asked if I wanted to start the install. I told it to forge ahead about an hour ago. I now have a screen that tells me it’s upgrading and is at 20%. This version may be ‘free’ in the monetary sense but you will pay with your blood, swear and tears. Your patience will be tested. Can’t imagine the number if folks calling in to get help. I’ll post here again when I’m done. Probably in a day or two.


Well, it finally finished. It took a couple of hours. It was a pain to install but from what I’ve seen so far it works okay. The new Edge browser is an improvement. So much faster than Explorer. Some features will take getting used to but if it stays stable I will keep it. So far all of my programs ported over without issue. Growing pains. If anyone out there wants to upgrade and needs a hand give me a yell. No guarantees since every hardware configuration is unique but willing to give it a shot.


Today I booted the computer and it failed to install the updates for the day. Apparently the system goes into an endless reboot loop. Looks like a common problem. I would not suggest installing Windows 10 right now. Wait until the bugs are worked out. Now I have to chase down solutions. Thank goodness my handy old Windows XP install keeps chugging along. Just glad I left it installed on a dual boot. I’ll mess with it for a day or so and if have have no joy it’s fall back to Windows 7.


I found the resolution online for the infinite boot. Did a download of the updates manually from their site and after a couple of attempts got it all installed. Windows 10 must do some re-indexing of all the hard drives on the computer. Chkdsk ran after six or so reboots. Seems to be past that issue today as I was able to boot into Win 10 and XP without any snags. Now to try all the new stuff like Cortana.


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