Social (In)Security – Fm October 6th, 2015

I love it when my day gets off to a rollicking start. Yesterday I went to Social Security to advise them that I’d taken a part time job to be in compliance with what I’d read on their web site. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait very long which was a pleasant surprise. The clerk that helped me was very nice but we had a bit of a language barrier and owing to my less than acute hearing I had to make her repeat things a couple of times. The information I received seemed somewhat contradictory to what I’d studied online and way too simple. I thought about it last night and decided to call the main number this morning before work to clear up lingering questions. Their automated answering is very clear and efficient though it does try to nag you into going to the web or punching some option that doesn’t fit your needs. I finally reached a human and, alas, the language barrier thing was even worse today. And the lady wasn’t nearly as knowledgeable. And she was a speed talker. She gave me information that was totally in conflict with what I’d been told yesterday. After having her repeat things a few times she actually pulled up my info on the computer (I guess that’s their last resort) and asked a couple more questions. Finally she asks me again what the local office had told me. I laid it out again and she says ‘Well, just do what they told you’. Silence. Whatever. I hung up since I’m trying to get ready to go to work. It’s no wonder that senior citizens are always grumpy having to deal with this crap. Ironically, the automated voice on their answering system spoke very clear, concise, unaccented English and was pretty helpful. I know everyone is waiting for the day that computer AI becomes smarter than humans. Well, kids, Skynet is here ’cause their computer was smarter than every human I’ve dealt with at Social Security. I weep for the future.


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