Small World – Fm October 10th, 2015

Small, small world. I was working today when seven young men came in to shoot some ‘big guns’. I knew they were foreign from their accents but when I asked where they were from one replied replied ‘Texas’. Okaaayy, I thought. Don’t think so. They checked into the range and I asked someone where they were from he said ‘They’re Italian. In the Air Force’. I must be losing my ear for accents. Anyway, I caught them on the way out and had a wonderful time exchanging stories. They’re stationed at Lackland AFB Texas doing training from March to December this year. They’d done touch and goes at Will Rogers and had heard about the range and decided to take the trip up. Nice group of young men. Turns out my ear wasn’t too bad after all as the fellow I first spoke to was born in Sicily but had lived in Belgium.


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