Sh*t I Hear from Old Friends – Fm November 18th, 2015

The crazy stuff you hear from a loony friend who used to be employed by some alphabet agency. According to my obviously inebriated informant, law enforcement agencies here in the US have made arrests and seized weapons and explosives this week related to potential terrorist threats. Best part? They’re conducting these operations without the media catching on. Soooo, if you see news on page 10 about the DEA shutting down another meth lab it was just a meth lab. Wink, wink. Silly stuff, huh? He’s such a kidder.
Still doesn’t hurt to keep your eyes open and don’t take everything you’re told at face value. SHTF prep never hurts.
And God bless BRI for a high profile take-down today that kept the media busy.
Just to recap, this is a fictional account of a conversation I never had with a guy that I’m pretty sure died in ’81 from a cranky liver.


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