Sad State of the Homeless – Fm August 29th, 2015

Ran into a disoriented homeless man walking out of the gym this morning. I am assuming the homeless part but I don’t think I’m wrong. He was standing in the middle of the road and cars were trying to get by. A number of people honked and yelled the usual obscenaties one hears from the spoiled and priviledged. I threw my bag in the car and walked back over to where the guy was, still in the street. He was mostly unresponsive and when he made a noise I could not understand any words. i got his attention and urged him over to the curb where I sat down. He followed and sat down. I was just reaching for my phone to call PD when a car pulled up. I told the officer what I’d observed and told him that there might be a medical situation since he was so out of it. The officer did call for an ambulance after speaking with him. We seriously need some better mental health options in this country.


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