Reality of Perception – Fm October 20th 2015

When you understand the difference between perception and reality it makes it so much easier to get along with others. If you choose to vehemently stand by a reality you know is factual when others perceive your reality as false you will never win them over by defending your position. No matter how right you are, no matter how logical your argument you will always lose. Their perception is their reality. All too often peoples’ perceptions are based upon biased opinions learned from when they were very young. Sometimes a perceived reality is easier to accept for the simple minded. Most of the time when people don’t see things the way you do it’s because they’re just ignorant. They live in an ignorance they’ve chosen for themselves. For whatever reason they are too lazy to even attempt to wrap their minds around a reality that may for them be too complex and uncomfortable. Let them go and move on.


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