Rangers 2 – Fm August 20th, 2015

Hard to believe there are so many misogynists carping about this. Rumors about lowered standards, the military becoming too PC. Most of those complaining probably wouldn’t last a day in Ranger training. Time to evolve people. Anyone willing to step up and actually put their life on the line to defend their country and their loved ones have my utmost respect. Regardless of gender, race, religion or whatever bucket people get pigeonholed into. One of these soldiers is in the military police, the other an Apache pilot. It’s not that they were desk jockeys shuffled through the course just to make the powers that be look good. I’m sure they’ve already dealt with a fair share of gender bias on the job and they didn’t quit, didn’t back down. They damned well earned the right to wear the Ranger tab proudly. Let’s give them the respect they deserve.


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