Questions – Fm December 28th, 2015

We ask ourselves so many questions throughout our lives. As kids we wonder ‘Where did I come?’. We become adults and we ask ‘Where am I going in life?’. You get to be my age you start pondering ‘How long do I have left?’. Sobering but true. With a touch of dark sarcasm.
I try not to obsess over how many years, days or hours remain for me. I used to. Even as a young child I would have panic atracks when the thought of dying entered my mind. Mostly at night, in bed alone. Scared the crap out of me. And I never told anyone. I was ashamed of what I perceived as weakness. In fact until just recently I’d still get the random moment of panic and sit straight up in bed, eyes wide and have a devil of a time getting back to sleep. Maybe we all go through this. I don’t really know because I’ve never broached the subject with another human being. Perhaps I will someday.
Anyway, the fear of death and dying and what comes after (if anything) seems to have left me for now. Don’t exactly know when it did. Looking back it seems like a lot of my time was wasted worrying about something that’s just part of our human condition. Maybe if someone had asked me what was wrong and slapped me upside the head to set me straight I’d be further along in my acceptance of all things in life, good and bad.
A little advice you can use and definitely pass on to your children; Never be afraid or embarrassed to share the things that scare you, that make you uneasy. Reach out to others when you are in need and when you see that others may need you. Practice empathy. It will save the world someday.
And don’t wait until tomorrow to tell a person you admire them, care about them, need them and love them. Tomorrows have a way of not showing up all too often in our lives.
Don’t ruin your days by looking too far back nor too far ahead. Don’t get bogged down with regrets or get too stressed over what may come. Live this life you have today. Today, this day, you’re as young as you’ll be for the rest of your life so enjoy this youthful you regardless of the number of birthdays you’ve left behind.


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