Paris – Fm November 15th, 2015

It’s been a tragic few days. Almost everyone who’s kept abreast of the situation in Syria and the refugee crisis knew this could (and probably would) happen. ISIS has proven to be relentless. Their use of social media to recruit martyrs from a long list of nations is, sadly, all too effective.
As happens every time we have an attack of this magnitude everyone says ‘We have to do something’. While I agree with the sentiment, we must also remember that any action against ISIS means sending our nation’s military in harm’s way. Our sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, wives and husbands who constitute our military forces. I know they’re ready. I know that they will not back down from this fight. But we owe them the full support of the nation and a total commitment to win.
This can’t be another half-assed effort with restrictive rules of engagement that hobble our troops’ ability to fight. These ‘limited wars’ are just stupid and do not save lives in the long term. Neither civilian or military. Wars are won and casualites minimized by the use of overwhelming force. We owe our military no less a commitment than throwing everything we have at the problem. The troops will carry the fight to ISIS. We need to give them the support they need to ensure a swift and decisive victory. And we have to finsh the fight this time.
And to the idiots who used this tragedy as a call for more gun control: These terrorists didn’t go to a corner gun store to buy their AK’s and bomb vests. They’re readily available thanks to dumping the of arms by Russia in every civil conflict from Bosnia to the Balkans over decades. France already makes it nearly impossible for private citizens to own and carry arms for self defense. I can’t say whether armed citizens would have prevented a tragedy but they could have saved some lives.
And don’t think it can’t happen here. The terrorists are a 7 hour plane ride away. We’re blindly taking undocumented refugees just like one of those ID’d in Paris. Those same Russian AK’s and bomb making materials are shipped across the US – Mexican border constantly along with drug shipments. We haven’t exactly done a bang-up job stemming the flow of drugs.
We must act now and act decisively or the body count of innocents will continue to climb.


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