Life Is Dangerous – Fm October 15th, 2015

Life is dangerous. Every day we encounter potentially life altering situations many of which we are totally ignorant of. The drunken or distracted driver that approaches head on passing just a few feet from us going the opposite direction. A pair of thugs cruising the neighborhood looking to steal our hard earned possessions and do us harm. E-coli in our food, global warming, sexual predators, a lethal short in a hair dryer, high cholesterol or a misplaced banana peel. All thus stuff (and much, much more) is out there. Be vigilant. I don’t mean live in fear, just be prepared. Ackowledge the fact that everything is a threat until it ain’t. Be cognizent of your surroundings. Don’t become a victim. Use your God given instincts to stay alive. There a million things out there every day ready to hurt you and almost all can be overcome just by being aware of the world around you.


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