Dog Fighting – Fm November 29th, 2015

Tangled with a couple of pit bulls this evening. Our neighbor’s lab Hoops was out and was attacked by two dogs belonging to a couple of red neck pieces of garbage that reside in the rental property two houses down. The same house, BTW, where the fucking drug dealers lived a couple of years ago. Hoops was attacked by the two dogs in our driveway (I don’t know how or why any of them were loose). The idiot red neck was swinging a two wheeled cart of some sort hitting the dogs. I ran over and wrapped up Hoops in my arms. One of pits had her by the neck. The asshole finally pulled the dog off and when it let go of Hoops it grabbed my arm. I pulled away and I could see my hands were covered in blood. I kept checking Hoops to see where she was hurt. She was gashed pretty good and her breathing was labored. Her owners took her and I turned and saw one of the dick red necks standing in our driveway. I told him to get the fuck off our property and was confronted, still in our driveway, by a younger version of dick red neck who threatened to kick my ass. I finally convInced them it might be better if they left. Called the police and will be filing a report tomorrow. Hoops got some stitches and should be okay. All I could think of was that if I’d been out with Sam she would have been killed. Would not have stood a chance. I can’t remember being that angry in quite a long while. And to be clear, it’s not the fault of the dogs. I know, jumping in the middle of a dog fight ranks pretty high on the idiot scale but I was not thinking rationally at the time. An hour after it was over I started shaking and lost it. So very upset still. Guess I’ll try to get some sleep and let it go for now. Really glad Hoops is okay.


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