Contemplating the Enigmatic – Fm December 26th, 2015

Am I the only male to whom women are a total enigma? Just when I’m egotistcal enough to believe I have a grasp on their inner workings, their wants and needs, their likes and dislikes I’m proven intellectually incapable of comprehending even their most basic motivations. Don’t get me wrong. This can be both bad and agonizingly exhilerating. I’m often surprised. Well, I’m always surprised truthfully.
I love a woman who is smart and not afraid to show it. One who has the heart of a warrior yet is capable of great empathy. A woman with a soft side and a core of carbon steel. A woman who knows who she is and is comfortable with who I am. A woman who knows how to love deeply without letting any man possess her. Independant, funny, caring, strong and a with a smile that makes me thankful I have a great cardiologist.
I guess the whole enigma thing is one of the reasons I keep falling in love so I’ll stop carping about it. Ladies, stay enigmatic. I’ll deal with it.


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