Chuck – Fm May 9th 2015

I have this friend Chuck…That’s really a lie. I don’t know anyone named Chuck. Well, not now anyway. I used to know a Chuck or two. But I digress. IF I knew someone named Chuck today I’m pretty sure he’d be an upstanding fellow. After all I’ve never known a serial killer named Chuck. In truth I’ve never known a serial killer. In person. I mean, I know OF serial killers. Or killers in general. Charles Manson, say. Nobody ever called him Chuck I’d wager. Maybe that’s why he was so massively fu…er, misguided. If only someone had said ‘Hey Chuck Manson, wanna play some Hungry, Hungry Hippos?’ maybe old Charlie would have become a successful used car salesman in Redondo Beach. Anyway, for you people out there that don’t have to lie about having a friend named Chuck, let them know you really appreciate the fact someone intervened at an early age and kept them from becoming a serial killer just by calling them Chuck. If you know of someone that goes by Charlie for God’s sake start calling them Chuck. The life you save could be your own. This might not work with Charleses who have last names like Gacy, Bundy or Dahmer.


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