Chattanooga – Fm July 18th, 2015

I am stunned by some of the knee jerk reactions to this latest act of terrorism. We’ve closed some recruiting centers in malls and other high traffic areas. Some recruiters have been told they will no longer be allowed to wear the uniforms they’ve earned. We’re eliminating the wrong factors in the equation. We are not the problem. Our troops are not the problem. The last time I looked this was our country. The problem is the continued radicalization of disaffected individuals in this country. Apparently some think we can just hide from the issue instead of aggressively pursuing the enemies of our nation. Sheer stupidity. And by the way, all those signs posted that declare an area a gun free zone are merely an invitation to any terrorist wanting to make a statement. Someone willing to kill doesn’t give a shit about gun free zones. I view this fiasco as a slap in the face of those servicemen who died. They would have stepped forward to confront this terrorist (even if government officials are loathe use the T word that’s what he was) had they been permitted to possess the tools to do so. This blood is on the hands of those government pukes who think up these idiotic laws to ‘protect’ our citizens. If you don’t like the second amendment by all means voice your concerns and if you have the backing to remove it from our diminishing list of rights please do so. Until then constitutional carry should be allowed in all 50 states. A distaste for guns will never preclude one from being used by a criminal against you.


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